Somehow we made it to the airport…


Somehow Rob and I managed to pack up everything in the house, move a portion of it to the our friends’ house, clean the old house for the tenants and get to airport. Cheryl kindly dropped us off in our car since we had over 100 pounds of luggage. Hopefully we didn’t leave too many things in the house or forget anything essential. Somehow with moving there’s always so much stuff left at the end and trying to pack at the same time for a month vacation – I’m not sure exactly where everything went.

Last night, we were making good progress with cleaning and packing. Rob got two bike boxes from Ride Bicycles and made a franken-bike box to fit the tandem halves. He only had to remove the pedals, seats and front wheel/fender to get everything to pack. This means he will be able to reassemble the bike, right? We’ll see when we get to Oslo. Despite having two panniers each as carry-ons, one massive bag and the bike box, we can kinda carry everything at once. Public transport is going to be a blast!

See you all on the other side (of the ocean)!

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