Arrived in Oslo –> It feels like a normal Seattle spring

Rob and I made it to Oslo last night after a long layover in Heathrow. Amazingly Terminal 5 has these incredibly comfortable black lounge chairs, so we both napped for a bit. Rob was completely zonked out while I kept setting alarms on my phone to make sure we didn’t miss our gate announcement.

Rob catches a few Zzz during our 5 hour layover in Heathrow.

Rob catches a few Zzz during our 5 hour layover in Heathrow.

Finally, after a bit of delay, we made it to Oslo. Our bag popped off the baggage claim right away, but the bike took another nerve-wracking 30 min or so. It was a huge relief to see our well-taped (Thanks TSA for resealing it well!) but slightly tattered franken-box slide down the conveyor belt (Hilariously they have a large conveyor belt for non-conveyable baggage).

Navigating the bike box, heavy duffel bag and 4 bike bags from the baggage claim to the local train was a challenge. The express airport train takes 19 min to get to downtown Oslo, but cost 180 NOK/pp while the local train which runs slightly less frequently takes 25 min and is half the cost. Figuring out which local train to take required an extra few minutes before we thought to use HERE transit app from Nokia.

It didn’t take long to find another Texan in Oslo. On the train platform, a professor from Texas State working a study-abroad program in Europe, was just beginning a weekend holiday in Oslo. We shared a good laugh over British Airways feature on Austin and its locals’ mispronunciation of certain street names.

Then, we met up with some other Austinites in the Oslo train station. Rob’s parents return train from their Norway in a Nutshell overnight arrived 10 minutes after ours. They kindly helped us schlep our luggage to our hotel in the rain. Finally, a flat bed and several hours to sleep.

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