Survived Night 1 of Wild Camping!

Rob and I survived our first night of wild camping. After fueling up at an outdoors store in Stockholm (we proceeded to see three more branches on the way out of town), we finally hit the road at 2:30pm after ditching our massive duffel at our hotel for before we flyo out. Construction and navigation issues slowed us down but we managed to get in 80+km ending just outside of Trosa. Our route included a nature park stop (Lida) complete with water, tons of bunnies/hares and a wc as well as a surprise ferry ride.

Tandem at Lida Nature Park (They had a ski lift!)

Tandem at Lida Nature Park (They had a ski lift!)

Surprise Ferry ride at Skansen.

Surprise Ferry ride at Skansen.

This bike route seems to be a popular pleasure cruise- tons of motorcycles and a whole convention of convertibles. We found a campsite off a dirt road and ate the best ramen ever – curry flavor. Rob and I were debating if it tasted better than the last night’s dinner on the boat.

We had an offer from a Warmshowers host for tonight, but with the delay getting out of town and some mileage mis-estimation, we had to cancel. Right now, we’re at the awesome library in Nykoping – bathrooms, water and wifi = everything we were looking for in a rest stop after 55 km. The tourist guide is a bit disheartening with it’s “Nykoping, located on the coast one hour south of Stockholm,” but the journey has been pleasant thus far. The only thing I would happily remove is the plethora of insects in the evening. Oh well. Maybe we’ll check out the underground Cold War museum or a beach this afternoon.

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