Antong Hot Spring to Taipei via Luodong

We woke up to rain for the last stretch of the bike trip. Rob and I had been hoping to squeeze in a bit of hiking on the Walami trail this morning, but a combination of weather and train timing threw a wrench in our plans/(there was a 10:30 train and a 14:30 train with nothing in between and that was just to Hualien).


Straddling plates in the East rift valley.

With train transfers and the bike- accepting slow train, it took us over 4 hours to return the bikes and us to Luodong. It’s clear now why so many people have folding bikes and bike bags that allow you to take faster trains. The only good thing about all the train travel is that we managed to grab more magi in Hualien. Then, the darn bike shop was closed until 5 pm so we had to wait two hours for it to open. In the meantime, we visited the nearby Luodong sports park and cycled around scenic shoreline of its little lake.

Now we’re back in Taipei doing laundry and planning Japan. We leave on January 9 for a month there. Our skis have already arrived from the US. Much thanks to Steph and Mike for helping us mail them. Let’s hope for some awesome Japow!

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