Goodbye Taiwan!

Last day in Taiwan and sadly we had to spend part of the morning packing. The weather was so wonderfully sunny, Rob and I were able to follow through on our plan of returning to Yangmingshan National Park. Previously, it had rained causing us to do the Jinbaoli trail instead of climbing to the peak of Mt. Qixing.


Today, we were back to hike to the top, visit Xiaoyoukeng, an area with steam vents and fumaroles, and finish at the free public hot spring at Lengshuikeng. Unfortunately, as the bus climbed the mountain toward the trailhead all the sun disappeared as a cloud ceiling took over, but we were committed at that point. Despite its short length, the hike had plenty of stairs. We definitely appreciated doing the hike in this direction because the stone stairs for the descending portion have been repaired and were more regular. The public hot spring has two single sex nude bath houses and a footbath. The women’s bath was packed so I only had a chance to wash up before we needed to catch the bus back to town. Hopefully the next onsen/bath experience will be calmer.

Note: baths will have an area for you to wash up before getting in. The other people in the pool will chastise you if you try to jump straight in.

We finished the day grabbing some very good bubble milk tea with Willie before dinner at a vegan buffet with the whole Lin family. It’s amazing all the different types of not meat they serve and all the meatless versions of classic dishes. It was sad to see everyone for the last (and first for some) time. We hope to visit Taiwan again soon.

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