Our home for the next month

Rob and I rented a souped up Mazda Bongo Friendee camper van from Japan Campers. Here’s a tour of our new ride/digs.




Driving mode

Note that the steering wheel is on the right. Japan drives on the left side of the road. The blinkers are also on the opposite side, so Rob kept turning on the windshield wipers on accident our first day.


The drying rack

The kitchen/dining room. The one burner gas cook plate works really well (except in the cold) since it’s designed for home use. The gas cans are less than $1 usd each. The pot that came with the van is miniscule. Luckily, we brought our old camp cook set for one last hurrah.


Campervan kitchen/dining room.

(If the pasta bag looks familiar, it’s because our actual first stop with the campervan was Costco.


Chicken bake dinner. No fun pizza flavors here.)

The dining room is also the bedroom and the sitting room.




Special Features
Beginner driver stickers: This symbol is displayed by new drivers for one year after getting their license.
Ski rack that we need to make sure we don’t back into anything.


Ski rack.

Fridge: so we can keep things cold. Actually not a problem right now.
Random plastic hooks that seem to be everywhere

Where we park
The Michi-no-ekki: a rest stop where overnight parking is totally cool. Our first night we were shocked at how many folks were sleeping there. They only have cold water and the bathrooms for this most part are not heated. Some have tourist info, a warm lounge, an onsen, shops and/or restaurants.


Inside one rest stop

One even had an arcade.


Taiko drumming at a michi- no ekki arcade

Paid parking lots


We found one in Kyoto next to Kyoto station. Only 1000 yen for 24 hours.

Random lakeside beach. Really nice with only a couple other folks. People cycled in and out to watch the sunset and sunrise.

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