En route to Nara, Rob and I made a stop at the SCMaglev and Railway park, which is filled with all different types of Japanese trains. Since it was Saturday, the place was packed with Japanese families. We managed to navigate around the throngs and check out their displays about the development of the Shinkansen railways and Maglev railways (up to 500 km/hour where current high speed trains are in the 200s. They anticipate opening it in 2027.) They also had a number of train driving simulators that you can put a ticket stub in a lottery to get a chance to buy a pass to do them.


Driving the train.


Shinkansen. These are two ends of the same train. They have different shapes.

One of the fun surprises of the museum was a huge train diorama of the railway between Tokyo and Osaka. Uncle Dino would love it! It condensed a whole day to 20 minutes and things were programmed to the time of day. Lights would turn on. Boats in the harbour would drive around. The maintenance road car would driver out in the middle of the night.


Side scene, not part of the main display, but I like the fish.


Yes, the hot air balloons go up and down.


Tokyo. See the Tokyo tower and Skytree


Nagoya area amusement park

After the railway Park, we did one of my favorite things in Japan – shopping. We found a Beisia, which is similar to a Fred Meyer. I love seeing all the different items for sale here. We picked up some groceries, snack, stove gas and paper towels.


Pick your tuna section in the freezer case.


Large, plastic bottles of whiskey.


The only one of these items we bought. It was pretty tasty.

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