Skiing the Japow: Day 14 Epic Furano Part 2

The storm we hoped to catch at Furano was slightly delayed but there was still plenty of new snow for a fun day or 3 hrs. Since Rob and I planned some sightseeing stops ending in Asahikawa for their ice festival and sake museum, we had about 4 hours to ski. Heading to the premium zone for one lap of amazing knee deep to thigh deep powder was great, then we did a 20 min hike into the sidecountry to ski the next bowl over. The snow was even better. After the bowl, there are some fun trees before skirting a creek and joining back up with a groomed run.

While waiting for me, Rob thought he might have heard calls for help. Then when I joined him, we went to investigate. Rob ended up helping a snowboarder out of a creek hole. Luckily, the dude had gone in feet first and was able yell for help. His friend had gone on ahead and didn’t realize his buddy’s predicament. Rob read him the riot act/this is how people die skiing off-piste.

For our last run, we went farther on the hike and dropped into the trees for some more fluffy stuff. Rob hucked a rock while I attempted to take pics. I think I missed all the neat bits and only caught the beginning and end.


The take off.


The landing

After packing up the skis one last time, we grabbed some Hokkaido caramels and headed north to Asahikawa.

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