Back to Tokyo with the Birthday boy

After much van cleaning and packing, we returned the van to Japan Campers and boxed up the ski gear. It felt good to have ditched a bunch of our extra stuff, but we were both sad to say goodbye to the Japan ski portion of the trip.



We didn’t have too much time to dwell on this because we were running late to meet up with Rob’s Microsoft friend, Scotty, who was in town for a ski trip. After dropping bags at the hostel, we headed to Roppongi for a night out. It turned out that Siamak, another Microsoft friend from the Tom’s office group, had come along too and a number of their other friends. Thus, we had a good group for dinner.


After dinner and some Royce birthday chocolate, Rob, Siamak, Scotty and I went to check out happy hour at Jumanji 55. All you can drink between 7-11pm for 1000 yen/$8.60 USD for guys. Women drink all night for that price. The crowd was interesting. We stayed until 11pm then hung out at the airbnb that Scotty and Siamak were sharing.


For our last day in Tokyo, we did some planning them finally got to use the Ghibli museum tickets that we’d been sitting on for a month.


No pictures are allowed inside or else there would be tons here. The building was extremely neat with lots of touches from the films. Half the fun is wandering around.


There’s a massive plush cat bus for kids to play on, but Rob didn’t think I could pass for that young.


Next stop, the airport and on to Bangkok!

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