Stopover in Korat

Since we had to change busses in Korat, we went ahead and decided to see the town highlights. Traveling with Matthias, one of the Germans from our Khao Yai tour, we got on the bus to Bangkok by accident, but we were able to fix that mistake when they checked tickets. Arriving in Korat, I think we got off one stop too early and instead ended up outside of town rather than at a bus station. A couple dollar cozy tuk tuk ride made this an easy mistake to fix.

The driver let us off in front of the town’s main attraction, a statue of Thao Suranari, a woman who saved Thailand from an invading Laotian army. Her statue is commonly worshipped and apparently if your wish comes true, you hire performers to do a special dance on a nearby stage. After seeing the statue, we walked to a “special effect” diorama show of the tale.  Sadly none of the sound and light effects seemed to be working. The diorama pretty entertaining in a kitschy way.

The readers digest version of the story: Lao army attacks town and takes captives. Thao Suranari, the heroine, has women captives seduce soldiers and make weapons. She lead the attack repelling the Lao army.


Bloody scene from the diorama where she defeats the Lao army.

After all that excitement, we ate an entire rotisserie chicken for lunch with sticky rice. When we bought it, the lady kindly removed the head and feet before chipping it up with a big ‘ole cleaver. Note to future self, rotisserie chicken is a messy take away food, get napkins. Rob and I almost needed a shower after the meal. After a few more sights, we caught the bus to Nang Rong.


The remaining original town gate.


The downtown park where we had lunch.


Church decorated with salvaged cave pieces

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