Enjoying small town life in Nang Rong


Eating our food stall finds at the hostel. We have a box of doughy little green onion cakes and some grilled sticky rice with banana triangles that came wrapped in banana leaves. The latter were amazing! We made a special trip to get more of these for our bus ride out.

Rob and I spent two nights in Nang Rong so we would have a full day to visit Phanom Rung and other Angkor sites nearby. These were neat, but what I remember about our visit was the food. Rob fondly recalls his 20 baht coconut ice cream served in a coconut shell with a bit of fresh coconut meat and sweetened condensed milk (it didn’t last long enough for a pic). We had our best Thai style papaya salad in the night market (2 chili’s was just a tad too much) along with a tasty oyster pancake/crepe thing. Then on a morning walk to find a water machine we discovered a lady selling grilled banana leaf wrapped sticky rice with banana. So good! We initially bought two, ate them then walked 2 blocks back to get another 6 at 5 baht ($0.15) each.

To visit the temples, we rented a manual motorbike. It was really hard to start. Sometimes it took Rob over ten tries kick starting for the engine to finally turn over.

Our first stop was Phanom Rung, a temple built on top of an extinct volcano.


Naga bridge at Phanom Rung

Then, we visited Prasat Muang Tam, another Angkor style temple. It has a number of large brick towers. The outer wall encloses 4 ponds and the inner sanctuary.



We finished our temple tour with the pretty much deserted Wat Khao Angkhan then ate a Korean BBQ restaurant on the Nang Rong reservoir. I wanted to get the BBQ but Rob wasn’t feeling it. When the food came, we definitely regretted it. Note for future selves: We should have ordered what everyone else there had gotten.


Plant birds and reclining Buddha. Other than us we saw only 2 monks.

The next morning, we had some other local fish curry and more banana sticky rice before catching the bus to Cambodia.

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