Vietnam by Moto Days 7-9: Underwater in Nha Trang

Nha Trang is known as a huge beach destination for Russian tourists. As soon as we arrived, we started seeing signs in Russian. Many of the locals also speak better Russian than English. Nowadays, there are also many Chinese tourists thanks to a direct flight from Beijing.

Rob had talked me into the party hostel in Nha Trang. We arrived just in time for their free beer hour (6-7pm) served on their rooftop patio. Upon check-in, we were given these spiffy bracelets to make we could get ourselves back at night, which reminded me of the t-shirts lower fourth made their prospective students during one Owl Days at Rice (if found lost, etc. please return to Baker lower fourth).


The next morning after the great breakfast buffet at iHome, we joined the $16 snorkeling tour from the hostel. It was a gorgeous sunny day and the water was very clear, but slightly on the chilly side. We visited three different locations for snorkeling. The first two are reasonably close together so unless you come in early, there’s not much time to warm up and dry off in between sessions. Rob and I saw a good variety of fish (Rob saw a squid!), but not having a waterproof camera, we don’t have any underwater pics.) Rob wasn’t feeling great but managed to snorkel even after taking a few breaks to feed the fish.



Rob ready for the first session of snorkeling.


Snorkel spot #2. The beautiful blue area is sand not coral and the reefs are very shallow here.


Lunch on the boat. Quantity not quality. Rob could barely eat so I knew something was wrong.


Our third and final snorkel spot.


These guys with the foot jets appeared as we were leaving.

After a day in the sun with an early morning, we had shower/nap time upon returning to iHome. We grabbed a quick dinner of noodle soup to make it back in time for free beer hour. A number of the awesome folks from the tour came too and we spent a few hours hanging out. At some point, one of the bartenders broke out a guitar. He and a guest took turns playing any singing. Rob took a turn on the drum box for awhile.


The next day, we packed up and headed north up the coast.


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