Vietnam by Moto Days 16-17: Dark beer, beach and bridges in Danang

The drive to Danang from Hoi An has about 3 turns max. The lower trafficked coast road was plenty fast and soon enough, we were in the suburbs of Danang.

As we approached, huge karst mountains loomed. We realized these were the marble mountains advertised on tours all around Hoi An. We stopped for a photo and a quick drive around the base. The mountains are filled with sculptures and there are shops around the base selling them if you want your own to take home. Recently, they added an elevator so you no longer have to hike up the mountains.


The whole area around the Marble mountains contains a variety of shops selling statuary, although the marble is now from China not the actually marble mountains.



Marble mountains outside Danang. The hills are filled with statues and shrines. They built an elevator (far left) so you don’t have to do most of the hike up. We just decided to take a look from the outside as there were so many bus tours there.


We stayed at the Titan Hotel in Danang just a few blocks off the coast. Best $10 a night hotel we’ve stayed in yet. It even has an amazing breakfast buffet.


Our room at the Titan Hotel. So fancy for $10.


A bathroom with separate shower. Fancy living!

After relaxing a bit in our beautiful room, we set out for a walk on the beach. En route, we found a new local snack food, bánh mi que, a toasted bread stick stuffed with a tomato meat paste for only 3,000 vnd. Two, please!Prime beach hours for the Vietnamese are early morning and early evening. We timed it right to catch numerous football and volleyball games in progress as well as packed swimming areas with folks enjoying the waves.

We had dinner at a busy local place near the hotel serving bún with a variety of meats. A very nice women helped us order. It was good but not as good as our lunch bowl.

After dinner we decided to get the motorbike and see more of the city. Some of the bridges were suppose to be near so we went to check them out. We discovered a draft beer garden full of people and stopped for a beer. They actually had dark beer!


Dark beer at the Draft beer garden. This place was pretty busy. Many tables had towers.


One of the other Danang bridges. They all put on a pretty good light show at night.


Dragon bridge profile


Dragon bridge in Danang


Concrete fake yacht restaurant on the river

After a massive breakfast the next morning, Rob went for a scenic drive by himself.  At one point he stopped and got into a photo session with two women from Danang. When he got back, we packed up and headed for Hai Van Pass.


  1. urbackpacker · March 30, 2016

    great post! hope to see you in Hanoi 😛


    • Amanda · April 2, 2016

      We’ll be there eventually. Just debating whether to travel the north first.


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